Regia: Pierfrancesco Li Donni
Anno di produzione: 2015
Durata: 75'
Tipologia: documentario
Genere: sociale/sportivo
Paese: Italia
Produzione: Own Air; in collaborazione con Minollo Film

This year, things get tough. This year Afro-Napoli United has passed to the higher national youth football league. It is almost a dream to many foreign players from Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Senegal and Brasil, without a resident permit. 

Italian laws on immigration are as restrictive as tangled in a jungle of bureaucracy, in which Antonio fights his way to keep the team together. Afro Napoli United tells a personal, emotional story of social integration, that goes beyond migrants' rights.


When we first started working on Loro di Napoli Afro-Napoli United, our aim was to provide a picture of one of the main and biggest concern we are facing now as Italians, as Eurpeans: the problem of the immigration and the way we are dealing with it. From this point of view, what we considered interesting was observing the interaction between the city, Naples, with its own environment, and the question of the immigration. For many of them, the process of integration in such a violent and difficult reality means, sometimes, a process of acquisition of the same context, and they live in a border zone between what is legal and what is not. In this sense, by playing football, they also try to find their personal redemption.

***The film is in Italian with English subtitles.